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Our Real Madrid Clinic is located in the incredible Algarve.

The Algarve is the beautiful southern coastline of Portugal, blessed with glorious sandy beaches, picturesque fishing towns and a glorious climate, all of which combine to create the perfect holiday destination.

Along with the vibrant towns, there are over 200km of stunning coastline, a mountainous interior and tranquil nature reserves, all to discover.
Algarve is the perfect place for us to meet you…
Barcelos is a city and a municipality in Braga District in the Minho Province, in the north of Portugal. The population in 2011 was 120,391,in an area of 378.90 km2 With 60 parishes, it is the municipality with the highest number of parishes in the country. It is one of the growing municipalities in the country, and is well known by its textile and adobe industries, as well as its horseback riding events and “figurado” style of pottery,which are comical figurines with accentuated features of farmers, folk musicians, and nativity scene characters.

The Grândola region has its own very special characteristics, combining the influences of the coast with those of the inland regions of southern Portugal. Farming continues to be a very important activity here, with rice being the most significant crop.

As far as the region’s cultural heritage is concerned, the archaeological remains dating from the Roman period are the most important, particularly the fish-salting tanks found at Tróia, which date from the beginning of the first century AD.

The Program

Welcome to an intense, educational and fun football school that will be a memory for life! Train like your idols and develop at your own pace with highly competent and positive coaches

You do not need to have any special prior knowledge or maintain a certain level to go to football school. The participants will be divided into different groups. Each group is led by a coach from the Real Madrid Fundación and is assisted by Portuguese coaches. Remember to bring a water bottle and appropriate clothing (depending on the weather).  The Age range: 6-16 years old, both for boys and girls. 

Our exclusive training sessions run for 2 hours each day. 

20% discount for Early Birds: RMFPORTUGAL22EARLY (valid until 28/02) 

20% discount if you book 2 or more persons: RMFEXTRA

What’s included: 

A Free Real Madrid kit for each participant

A Real Madrid Clinic certificate 

Hours of elite Real Madrid training for the week per clinic.

Real Madrid clinics Portugal 2022:

Barcelos – Colégio Didálvi (Residential)

10/07 – 16/07

Grândola – Municipal Stadium of Grândola

18/07 – 22/07

 Vilamoura – Municipal Stadium of Quarteira 

25/07 – 26/08 (5 weeks)

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Our Clinics

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By joining the waiting list for our exclusive 2021 clinics you will secure your spot and receive a discounted price on the clinic of your choice. 

Our Clinics


Sessions for 6-16 years old

Our Clinics

Morning Sessions

 10am – 12pm

Sessions specific for 6-10 year olds

Afternoon Sessions

 2pm – 4pm

Session specific for 9-14 year olds 

Join the waiting list for our exclusive clinics in 2021.

By joining the waiting list for our exclusive 2021 clinics you will secure your spot and receive a discounted price on the clinic of your choice.